Congratulations Ireland

On Saturday 23rd May 2015 love, compassion, humanity and equality triumphed over bigotry and hatred in Ireland. 

Bringing forth a landslide victory, the people of Ireland flooded to the polls to vote on the matter of same sex marriage. Some came from far afield - Thailand, New Zealand, America - prompting the touching hashtag #HomeToVote. And in so doing they ensured that any two people in love, who decide they wish to commit their lives to one another, will be allowed to engage in the social, cultural and legal institution of marriage. And this, a mere two decades after homosexuality and divorce were legalised in their homeland. Good work, people of Ireland! 

We at IANS wish to congratulate: the people of Ireland on their good judgment, the many engaged couples soon to be newly-weds, and the LGBTQ+ community across the world. We rejoice: a good day for love is a good day for all of us. 

- Editor in Chief, Rebecca Hewer.
   Creative Director, Nichole Fernández

This article was written as a part of LGBT Week 2015 in honor or Ireland's marriage referendum. Find out more here.

Interrogating the Irish Marriage Equality Campaigns: Where are the Voices of Young People?

The upcoming marriage equality referendum in Ireland is being heralded as historic, not just for the country itself, but for the global effort to realize equality and human rights for LGBTQ people. What is particularly interesting to me as child researcher, is the way in which both sides of the debate have situated children and young people in their campaigning.

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